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SCEMGD- Platinum Sponsor Benefits

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SCEMGD- Platinum Sponsor Benefits

  1. Your corporate logo, name and corporate colour scheme will be used to maximise your company identification on all printed material, which will include but not be limited to:• One (1) full page, full colour advertisements in the official programme.
    • Your corporate logo prominently displayed in the official programme.
    • Your logo on one 3m x 1m Banner Flag placed on the 18 green public grandstand.
  2. Advertising and PR• Your sponsorship will entitle you to participate in Sun International’s ongoing advertising and public relations effort to promote the the Sun City Environment Month Golf Day, as the best international sporting event on the calendar.
    • Specifically, this would include but not be limited to:
    • Advertising and public relations exposure.
  3. Website Advertising- Digital Events website ( provides added value to the sponsors in the form of additional local and international exposure. The site provides updated information and detail of the tournament on a daily basis during the 3 days of live coverage. The site has historically received in excess of 8500 daily unique visits from all over the country on the event day. The sponsor’s logo and a click-through to the sponsor’s official web site will also be placed on the internet site.
  4. Hospitality- Sun International will provide the sponsor with 3 rooms at Sun International’s discretion for the duration of the tournament. The rooms are provided on a complimentary room only basis.
  5. Marquee- You will be entitled to interact with your customers, colleagues and friends in a spacious, comfortable hospitality suite. Your marquee will allow you to comfortably entertain over 100 people per day. The size of the marquee is 10m x 5m. Your corporate involvement with this prestigious tournament will be evident to all spectators.
  6. Food- Included in your sponsorship package is a food allowance for one day of the tournament. This will be credited to your overall food bill. The food will consist of 3 meals a day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner and the sponsor will be charged accordingly. The food cost has not been calculated yet, but it will be forwarded to you as soon as possible.
  7. Beverages- Sun International will provide a fully stocked bar, and experienced bar staff daily to cater to your guest’s specific needs. All beverage costs will be for your own account.
  8. VIP Seating- You will be allocated 20 seats on the 18th hole VIP grandstand.
  9. Entrance Tickets
  10. VIP Parking- All guests staying on complex are entitled to on-complex parking, in addition you will be allocated 2 VIP parking spots daily.
  11. Casino Vouchers worth R10,000.00
  12. Social Functions- You will be entitled to invite a maximum of 3 (including his/her partner) to the Welcome Function and a maximum of 6 (including his/her partner) to the Valley of the Waves Beach Party.


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